Centering the Indigenous worldviews of Turtle Island and of Ireland, Landspeak is a community of engagement that connects people living on the land now known as Canada with those on the island of Ireland, to foster cultures of learning and knowledge, respect and healing, and commemoration and celebration.

Landspeak events have thus far included the Landspeak conference (March 2021), the Reading of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report, and the November 2022 visit/cruinniú/kiyokēwin.

Landspeak supports partnerships in the areas of culture, language preservation and reclamation, environmental care, and processes of peace and reconciliation. Landspeak undertakes its endeavours because it believes that these activities benefit our communities, our wider societies, and the planet on which we live.

Landspeak is an initiative of the Ireland Canada University Foundation, in partnership with the Centre for Canadian Studies in University College Dublin, the Craig Dobbin Visiting Professor, University College Dublin, ᑭᕀ Kiy Collective, and the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture in the University of Manitoba.


Landspeak is based on a core group of people who wish to develop artistic, academic, and cultural links between Canada and Ireland, especially Indigenous peoples living north of the medicine line, and those engaged by fostering the diverse traditions of the people living on the Island of Ireland.

In its various activities, it depends on the support of others, elders and knowledge keepers, community activists and workers, artists, and experts. Guided by the needs of particular activities, the core team consult and work with community members, on whose knowledge and expertise they depend.

Core Team:

  • James Kelly
  • Paul Halferty
  • Cheryl L’Hirondelle


Curatorial team:
  • Prof. Warren Cariou · University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Paul Halferty · Director, UCD Centre for Canadian Studies
  • Prof. Renée Hulan · Craig Dobbin Professor of Canadian Studies, UCD; St Marys University, Halifax
  • James Kelly · CEO, ICUF
Administrative support:
  • Amanda Hopkins · Programme Manager, ICUF
Advisory team:
  • Brenda Rawn Jordan · ICUF Board Member
  • Cheryl L'Hirondelle · Multi disciplinary artist

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Landspeak is stewarded by ICUF (the Ireland Canada University Foundation), in partnership with the Centre for Canadian Studies, UCD, and the University of Manitoba. ICUF is a charity registered in Ireland, charity registration no. CHY 11280.