A gathering of Indigenous and Irish voices · March 17.–20., 2021 · Online

Landspeak 2021 was a series of free online talks, workshops, events, and activities, seeking to build connections through explorations in culture, sport, creativity, language, and the environment.

Landspeak was presented by the Ireland Canada University Foundation, in partnership with the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture in the University of Manitoba, the Centre for Canadian Studies in University College Dublin, and the Craig Dobbin Visiting Professor, University College Dublin.


Thank you to all who attended Landspeak 2021! Many of the talks from the event have now been archived on YouTube, and also on the pages of the individual events themselves, so please take a look. Meanwhile, we will have news about Landspeak in 2022 later in the year. Thanks again, and see you all again soon.

Wednesday, March 17., 2021 · Opening event and performances

Time (EDT) Time (GMT) Details
13:00 17:00 Day 1: Opening Song and Blessing · With Joseph Naytowhow · Full details »
13:15 17:15 Opening Session: Language, Land, and Song · With Liam Ó Maonlaí and Pura Fé · Full details »
14:15 18:15 Day 1: Closing story · With Joseph Naytowhow · Full details »

Thursday, March 18., 2021 · Games and Sport

Time (EDT) Time (GMT) Details
12:00 16:00 Day 2: Opening Song · With Kontiwennenhawi — Akwesasne Women Singers · Full details »
12:10 16:10 Lacrosse Roundtable · With Aidan Fearn, Michael Kennedy, Sonny Campbell and Devon Buckshot · Full details »
14:00 18:00 Games and Sport Seminar · With Cathal Billings, Regina Uí Chollatáin and Renée Hulan · Full details »
15:30 19:30 Sport, community, identity, and nationhood · With Paul Rouse, Eamonn McKee, Bruce Roundpoint and Mike Kanentakeron Mitchell · Full details »

Friday, March 19., 2021 · Language and Story

Time (EDT) Time (GMT) Details
10:30 14:30 Day 3: Opening Song · With Raymond Sewell · Full details »
10:45 14:45 Discussion: Language and Story · With Aubrey Hanson, Oein DeBhairduin and Renée Hulan · Full details »
12:00 16:00 Writers on land and environment · With Jeanette Armstrong, Manchán Magan and Warren Cariou · Full details »
13:30 17:30 Language and Story Seminar · With Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Sherry Farrell Racette and Warren Cariou · Full details »
14:30 18:30 Panel Discussion: minority languages – hopes for the future? · With Linda Ervine, Nicola Campbell, Úna-Minh Kavanagh and James Kelly · Full details »
16:00 20:00 Friday Storytelling Session · With Richard Van Camp, Jack Lynch and Warren Cariou · Full details »

Saturday, March 20., 2021 · Music and Song

Time (EDT) Time (GMT) Details
11:00 15:00 Day 4: Opening Song · With Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh · Full details »
11:15 15:15 Film Panel: Movings Images, Dynamic Languages · With Thirza Cuthand, Brenda Rawn Jordan, Paul Halferty, Naomi Wilson, Elaine Gallagher, Tasha Hubbard, Catherine Martin, Daniel O’Hara, James Kelly, June Scudeler, Louise Ní Fhiannachta and Kevin Lee Burton · Full details »
13:00 17:00 Saturday Storyteller Session · With Rob Malo, Nuala Hayes and Warren Cariou · Full details »
14:00 18:00 Closing Performance 1: Poetry Reading · With Louise Halfe, Gregory Scofield and Cheryl L’Hirondelle · Full details »
15:00 19:00 Closing Performance 2: Music · With Landspeak · Full details »

Landspeak is organised in partnership with the Ireland Canada University Foundation, University College Dublin, and the University of Manitoba Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture.

Landspeak has been organised with the assistance of the Government of Canada. Landspeak a été organisé avec l’appui du gouvernement du Canada. The Ireland Canada University Foundation is supported by the Government of Ireland, through the Emigrant Support Programme of the Department of Foreign Affairs.