Landspeak Conference 2021 · Discussion: Language and Story

Date: Fri, 19. Mar, 2021 · 2:45pm

Inspired by an encounter with an urban coyote, Aubrey Hanson’s “Morning Coyote, Night Fox, Urban Métis: A Métissage on Writing and Presence” weaves three narrative strands into reflections on being on urban lands, writing during the pandemic, and Indigenous resurgence.

Oein DeBhairduin’s Why the Moon Travels (2020) has been described as “a haunting collection” in which “brave vixens, prophetic owls, and stalwart horses live alongside the human characters as guides, protectors, friends and foes while spirits, giants and fairies blur the lines between this world and the otherworld.”

In this discussion, these two perspectives were juxtaposed in an exploration of language and story, moderated by Renée Hulan.