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I am a lecturer in Modern Irish at University College Dublin, where I also completed my BA (Irish and German, 2006) and MA (Irish Writing and Communication, 2007). I was awarded PhD from UCD (2015) for a thesis titled: ‘The Irish Revival and Sport in Ireland, 1884-1934’. My research, until now, has focused on the history of the Irish language revival, Irish sports history, and roles of language and sport in the formation of Irish national identity. I am currently undertaking a research project on international aspects of the Irish language revival and am preparing a monograph on the influence of the Second Anglo-Boer War on the Gaelic League.

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Thu, 18. Mar, 2021 · 6:00pm Landspeak Conference 2021 · Games and Sport Seminar · With Cathal Billings, Regina Uí Chollatáin and Renée Hulan · Full details »